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The Importance of Windstorm Coverage

Windstorm coverage is especially important for homes that are in high-risk areas. A windstorm coverage insurance policy is designed to cover any damage that could potentially occur to your house during a storm.

However, for homes located in areas that have a high chance of storms, a standard home insurance policy will usually not include windstorm damage. While some home insurance policies offer a degree of windstorm coverage, the amount that is covered will vary. Some policies will cover the house itself – but not any property inside or around the house. In other cases, however, a natural disaster clause means that in the event of a storm or hurricane, your home may not be covered at all.

If your home has a windstorm insurance certificate, this could help lower your insurance premiums. A windstorm insurance certificate means that your house was designed to meet the required windstorm construction codes. This means that during construction, all the necessary straps, anchors, bolts and hold-downs were used, meaning that your home is better able to withstand strong winds. Homes that do not have this certificate can usually still be insured; however, the premiums will usually be higher.

Be sure to read your home insurance policy to see what is covered and what isn’t covered, as most policies are very specific about coverage. For instance, if you have a policy that covers storm damage, this only offers you protection if your home is damaged directly by the storm. If your home is caught in the after surge of a hurricane and affected by subsequent flooding, your policy may not cover any damage caused by the flood. Windstorm policies generally do not include coverage due to flooding, which is a common occurrence with many high windstorms.

Keeping informed allows you to make responsible insurance decisions for your house and property ahead of time. Researching your policy options can save you from devastating news, and allows you to ensure that you will be covered in the event of a storm.

Talk with your insurance provider today to make sure you are covered against windstorms, and to find out the level of coverage that your policy provides.