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Texas Windstorm, Hurricane and Tornado Insurance

Texas is one of the most at-risk states for hurricanes and windstorms. For a homeowner in the state of Texas, having a comprehensive windstorm insurance policy is especially important.

Many homeowners’ policies provide some coverage for damage that is caused by windstorms, hurricanes, or tornados -but in high-risk areas, coverage may be more limited.

Even if your policy does provide some coverage, it is possible that you don’t have adequate coverage, as many general homeowners’ policies that do include windstorm coverage, only cover up to a certain amount.

If you live in a high-risk are, you may consider taking out additional insurance for windstorm coverage.

What Does Windstorm Insurance Cover?

Windstorm coverage typically covers direct physical damage to your home or business that is directly caused by a windstorm, hurricane, or tornado.

Windstorm insurance can also provide coverage for personal belongings that are destroyed or damaged during a windstorm. It can also provide windstorm coverage for your vehicle. In some cases, it can even extend to cover living expenses should your home become damaged to the extent that you will need to relocate during the repairs.

Keep in mind that windstorm policies do not cover damage caused by floods, as flood insurance is a separate policy. Since floods are commonly accompanied by windstorms, if you live in a high-risk area you may consider taking out a flood insurance policy as well.

A windstorm policy for hurricanes and tornados will generally provide coverage for your home or business and your personal belongings, up to a certain amount that you select ahead of time. When choosing a policy, make sure you weigh up the cost of insurance against the potential damage that could be caused by a natural disaster. In some extreme cases, the devastation caused by a windstorm or hurricane is enough to destroy a home.

Be sure to talk with Katy Texas Insurance to find out about a policy with adequate coverage. Like all insurance policies, windstorm coverage contains deductibles and limits so be sure to speak with an agent with any questions you may have, and sure you have adequate coverage -before a potential storm. (877) 952-1010