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Selling Your Home - 5 Insurance Tips for Home Sellers

If you are a homeowner who is getting ready to sell your home, it’s important to make sure that you update your insurance company.

While many homeowners make the mistake of neglecting to inform their insurance provider when they are trying to sell their home, this is a potentially costly mistake.

Updating your insurance company on your new status allows you to make sure that you care covered from a range of varying risks that arise when you are trying to sell.

If you are in the process of listing your home for sale, here are four important insurance tips to keep in mind.

Notify Your Insurance Company

First and foremost, make sure you notify your insurance provider of any changes in your living situation. It’s important to make sure your insurance provider is kept up to date on any upgrades that you make to your home when you are getting it ready to sell, just to make sure you will be covered if something happens while you are trying to sell your home. Notify your insurer of any high-value additions or upgrades, and make sure that the changes are reflected on your policy.

Consider Your Coverage Limits

Opening up your home to viewers puts you at a higher risk for claims against your homeowners policy. Your standard homeowners policy will not provide coverage for catastrophic and serious injuries, such as serious injuries that someone may sustain while viewing your home. It’s recommended that you purchase additional liability coverage for a short period of time while you are showing your home. Short-term umbrella policies can be purchased that will provide liability coverage limits up to $1 million.

Check Your Deductible

Now is also a good time to double check on your deductible, the amount that you will have to pay out-of-pocket if a claim is made. Typical home insurance deductibles are $500 – $1,000. Make sure that your deductible is an amount that you could afford to pay, should someone become injured in your home.

Lock Up Your Valuables

Make sure you lock up your valuables. Whether you are showing your home to potential buyers or having a realtor sell your home for you, it’s important to make sure you keep your valuables under lock and key. It’s impossible to keep a close eye on potential buyers. every move, so make sure you lock up anything that could easily be pocketed.

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