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Most Common Home Liability Claims: Reduce Your Liabilities

Homeowner’s liability coverage is an important part of any homeowner’s insurance policy.

Without proper coverage for liability, you could be held responsible for a number of things that occur on your property, and be left paying some hefty bills if you are found responsible. Some of those things could include medical bills, court costs, and personal property damages.

Here are some of the most common liability claims that insurance companies receive. Reduce your liabilities by being aware of potential liabilities, and taking steps to reduce your risks.

Dog Bites

Dog bites are one of the most common insurance liability claims. The average cost for a dog bite claim in 2012 was $29,752. When taking out a home insurance policy, you may notice that your insurance agent will ask you if you own dogs, and if so, what breed. It’s not that insurance agents dislike dogs, it’s that homes with dogs, especially certain breeds, are considered to be higher risk due to the high number of claims that are made for certain breeds. Your insurance policy should accurately reflect your risks, in order for you to have adequate coverage.


Home accidents are another top claim that’s made through insurance companies. Injuries such as slipping and falling or tripping can lead to claims that you as a homeowner could be held responsible for. Homeowners can be sued for medical coverage if a person becomes injured inside of the home, regardless of the basis for the injury. Protect yourself against such claims, with a homeowner’s liability insurance plan.


Falling trees are another common home insurance liability claim. This could be especially problematic in neighborhoods that have overgrown trees. A tree that is on your property is essentially your responsibility. If a tree falls and causes damage to a person, car, or another house, you could be held liable for the damages. Make sure your trees are well maintained and pruned regularly to reduce your liabilities.

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