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How to Add a New Driver to Your Auto Insurance Policy: Tips to Keep Your Rates Down

Unfortunately, young drivers account for a disproportionately high number of accidents. Because of the risks involved with insuring a young driver, you may find that adding a new driver to your insurance can cause your insurance premiums to go up.

If you are looking to add a new driver to your insurance policy, here are some ways that you can help to curb your rising insurance costs.

Ask About Separate Policies

Before adding your teen driver to your insurance policy, ask your insurance provider about possible discounts for separate policies. In some cases, it may be cheaper to have separate policies for you and your new driver. If you do opt to add your teen to your policy, ask your insurer about adding him or her as an “occasional driver,” as this can often help to keep your rates down.

Limit the Amount of Driving that Your Teen Does

Ask your insurance company about lower rates if your new driver will be spending a minimal amount of time on the road. Many insurance companies offer discounts for teens that spend a limited amount of time behind the wheel.

Have Your Teen Drive a Safe Car

Often, insurance rates are lower for car models that have excellent safety records, and for vehicles that are equipped with safety equipment. Older car models, especially 4-door sedans are unappealing to car thieves, and driving this type of vehicle can help you to lower your rates. Ask your insurer about which cars they offer discounts for.

Keep the Permit Status as Long as Possible

Another way to keep your insurance rates down is to encourage your teen to renew their learner’s permit. While your teenage driver may not be too enthusiastic about keeping the driving permit, rather than going for a full licence, for teenage drivers that drive only occasionally, it makes financial sense to retain the learner’s permit for a bit longer.

Ask About Other Discounts

One of the best ways to save money on your car insurance is by asking your insurer which discounts they offer. Your insurer may be able to offer discounts for students who maintain certain grade levels, or for teens who have taken driver education.

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